Educational Youth Programs

El Tutor Coach provides kids of all ages more opportunities to learn, play and enjoy new experiences. We have a great roster of coaches ready to teach. Check out some of our premier classes below or inquire here about how we can facilitate finding the right class for your child.

Featured Classes

Have a business idea? Pitch it to our very own Entrepreneurs​

For anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, come experience critical, analytical and ideation sessions with our dedicated business leaders from El Centro para Emprendedores. Each class is composed of discussing historical case studies, key business objectives, group participation, and video tutorials.

Learn how to play Chess with a Jedi Chess Master​

Students are introduced to the game of chess, strategy, and rules taught by one of Puerto Rico’s highest ranked chess players. Classes are available for all levels and ages.

For the Young Special Chefs in Your Home​

Get ready to cook your heart out! Learn menu building, techniques, kitchen etiquette and cook your very own imaginative and delicious dish! All ingredients will be provided and students will be able to sample and take home their very own creations – from yummy granola peanut butter balls, to yogurt parfaits and cheese dogs to much more!
Computer Classes
Learn the necessary computer skills and get more proficient working with technology – one of the most important business tools needed in today’s age.

Get Ready to DJ like a Rock Star​

Music lovers will enjoy this introduction into to the science & art of DJ'ing with an overview of basic concepts, like a beat, bars, metrics, and keys, as well as getting to know the equipment to learning beat matching and mixing principles. By the end of the class you will select your song style and build your own set!
The Arts
The class curriculum can vary from art, painting, visual arts, film making, photography, reading and drawing to music or drama. The arts allow opportunities for expression that build confidence, and a passion for new hobbies.

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