College Prep Tutoring PSAT-SAT-ACT Puerto Rico

College Prep Tutoring

Give your student the College Prep tutoring resources they deserve to ace their college entrance exams.  

El Tutor Coach is Puerto Rico’s answer to providing highly specialized tutors and curriculums customized to meet the specific needs of each college-bound student.

Either In-Person or Online we help students achieve higher cores on PSAT, SAT, ACT, college essay writing tips and AP overview plus Graduate School Entrance Exams. 

We pride ourselves on helping our students have peace of mind when it relates to college testing and easy writing. We even assist with College Prep test taking skills to ensure exceptional success.  

Only the top hand-picked tutors from among the best educators in College Prep Tutoring in Puerto Rico deliver a custom-developed curriculum that delivers superior results.

College Prep Testing

  • SAT:

    The SAT is taken by High School School students as a way to showcase their knowledge to colleges. There are three test areas: Reading, Writing, and Math.  Ensure your child is well prepared to exceed their goals with our exceptional tutors and process.  

  • ACT:

    The ACT (American College Test) exam, is a national standardized test that showcases a student’s skillset and critical thinking.  Our tutors are exceptionally versed at dramatically increasing your child ACT test scores. 

  • Combined SAT/ACT Classes:

    Take advantage of a college prep mini boot camp with a strong emphasis on the basics, test-taking strategies, and homework sheets.

  • AP (Advanced Placement) Classes:

    Help with college-level AP courses and final exams.

  • College Board:

    Help with College Board entrance exam in preparation for Puerto Rico schools.

College Essays

Our process may be simple but our results are fantastic. We carefully listen to a student’s ideas, provide counsel, and help them draft and finalize their college essays and personal statement.

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Tutoring is offered in a case-by-case basis.

We have availability for in-person, virtual tutors depending on the time. 

We offer a free one-on-one in-person consultation with the family and student to gauge what type of tutor, skillset, and personality would be the best match.

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