A little more about our tutors…

El Tutor Coach identifies strong candidates from private Puerto Rico high schools, colleges, and teachers. Each tutor comes highly recommended and has expertise in a particular subject matter. They each provide individualized attention and care when working with a student. Additionally, tutors will provide El Tutor Coach with a weekly report detailing the tutoring session that will be shared with the parents to assist in the students overall academic development.

The Team

Vanessa Katz arrived in Puerto Rico 27 years ago and fell in love with Puerto Rico and its culture. Over the years, her family has held prestigious positions in St. John’s School and the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico as part of the Board of Directors. Vanessa and her husband Joel have three lovely daughters and are prominent members of the Puerto Rican community.

Jennifer Conde grew up in Puerto Rico and attended some of the Island’s top private schools. She has deep familiarity with the school systems, including enrollment,  academic curriculums, and special educations needs. Jennifer recently returned from living in New York and Boston and brings a wealth of experience in working with families and identifying programs for children that need extra help to succeed in school. She is also the proud mother of a 12-year-old son who appreciates and enjoys tutoring! 

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