College Prep
We pride ourselves in helping our students have peace of mind when it relates to college essay writing and testing. We have hand-picked tutors familiar with the process to help our students. Every parent knows this academic phase is a critical step in a student’s life, and we are here to provide the support and knowledge.

College Essays
Our goal is simple. We listen to a student’s ideas, provide counsel and help them draft and finalize their college essays and personal statement.

We also offer tutoring to assist in the preparation of standardized tests.
• SAT – The SAT is taken by high school students as a way to showcase their knowledge to colleges. There are three test areas: reading, writing, and math. 

• ACT – The ACT exam, or the American College Test, is a national standardized test that showcases a student’s skill set and critical thinking.

• Combined SAT/ ACT Classes – Take advantage of a college prep mini boot camp, with a strong emphasis on the basics, test-taking strategies, and home works sheets.

Special Pricing: Two-hour combined SAT/ACT sessions that includes an additional one-hour refresher course; $160 per person (4-10 per group) .

• AP Classes (Advanced Placement) – Help with college-level AP courses and final exam given in a high school in preparation for college.

• College Board – Help with college board entrance exam for Puerto Rico schools.