Top Tips to Start Preparing for the SAT & ACT Tests

At El Tutor Coach, we know it’s never too early to start thinking about developing better test-taking skills for the SAT & ACT college entrance exams.

It’s important to share for those who don’t know that the SAT & ACT exams are not the same. Students should actively research the difference as well as take online practice tests or review the sample questions provided at great resources like and College Board.

Now, our friends at College Covered have also shared a few helpful hints below:

–       Knowledge is Power: Know the ins and outs on how the tests work and are administered. Understand the test structure and well gain insights on the question types and overall instructions.

–       Practice Makes Perfect: Make sure to set ample time aside to take timed practice tests (use a timer or your iPhone!). Remember to review and practice again. Our specialized SAT/ACT tutors can help your child make practicing enriching, valuable as well as fun.

–       Read Everything: Go to your local book store and browse thru official test prep books or just ask us! We work with all the top schools in Puerto Rico and can help facilitate the process.

–       Tutoring is Key: Tutoring helps to answer important questions, demystify the test-taking process and offer unparallel support and guidance, especially for those students that need extra help.

–       Build up Your Memory Bank: It’s incredibly important that the student knows all basic math formulas and concepts, this will maximize their time and help build confidence.

–       Read, Read and Read Again: Challenge yourself and read everything you can, from books and articles or review reading comprehension tests. If you don’t know a word look it up! It’s that essential.

–      Now Study Some More: Take practice exams, track your progress and prepare. Plus don’t forget to enjoy a healthy breakfast the morning of the test.

Our rock star SAT & ACT tutor, John Jimenez, offer one more piece of advice.

“These tests are beatable. Remember, the SAT and ACT are not Memory Tests, they are strategic tests, so if you come in with a strategy and practice you will, more likely than not, do well!”

Let us know how we can help & good luck!